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“Osteo” denotes “structure“ and ”pathos” denotes “suffering of”. Combined the meaning - “suffering of structure” is conveyed. Through diligent research into the body’s anatomical structure and physiological function, Dr. Still was able to find a deeper understanding of functional treatment. Using this knowledge, he found he could facilitate the innate self-healing and self-regulating function of his patients through gentle manual therapy and adjustment.

An osteopathic manual therapist is a profession that uses an extensive knowledge of human anatomy, human mechanics, physiology and the interrelations of the structure and function of the body to help determine the root cause of the symptoms.

Our role is to encourage this self-healing capacity through manual treatment – to convert the physical into the physiological. We allow nature to do its job of removing any obstacles and obstructions that will interfere with the proper nutrition and drainage of the body’s tissue. Understanding and adjusting the anatomical unity of the human structure is our job.

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