It’s more than just "touch your toes and stick on a Tens machine"

Our approach to Physiotherapy

Whether you are an athlete looking to maintain and enhance your performance, a weekend warrior who suffers through the work week from chronic injury, or a soccer mom who remembers a time when everything didn’t hurt - we are the solution. We tailor your treatment to your life, your goals, and your specific injury or condition (no cookie cutter treatment here!) We also collaborate with the other experts on our team who offer chiropractic and massage services in conjunction with your physio treatments, making RehabOne the holistic choice.

Physiotherapy services may include exercise therapy, postural and gait re-training, manual therapy of soft tissues and joints, and modalities.

Service Availability: Rehab1 Moncton, Rehab1 Riverview, Rehab1 Saint John

Coverage Options

All of our services/programs and products that we carry are
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